4 countries show interest hosting 2022 #CommonwealthGames according to Commonwealth Games, which cities will bid still unknown http://ow.ly/pxtI30bgQJH

Independent commission named to determine bullying complaint against former #AOC media boss Mike #Tancred http://ow.ly/A6y930bgJ6d

#Russia 2018 and #Qatar 2022 votes by #FIFA under investigation by French authorities http://ow.ly/Qgv630bgrEh

Paul Tergat will be the next president of the #Kenya Olympic Committee: http://ow.ly/C2HX30bgH0s #NOCK

Two more of Jesse Owens’ gold medals to be auctioned. First one fetched $1.466 million in 2013. http://ow.ly/36kX30bgvsj

France joins USA, Switzerland in investigating #FIFA. This time it’s the 2018, 2022 World Cup bids in question http://ow.ly/opVG30bgrli

An all “urban” #YOG? Thomas Bach says the model could serve as the future for multi-sport events: http://ow.ly/L6Gl30bf4Kg #IOC #Argentina

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