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Today marks 290 days until the start of the first-ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Gathering the youth of many nations for this event signifies bringing unity to a new generation. The 2010 Games will manifest a new passion, hope and promise for future generations to come.

The Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) found inspiration from a group of Singapore students who came together to discuss how to bring the values of the Olympics to the youth around the globe in order to make a positive difference. The passionate thoughts and ideas of “Excellence, Friendship and Respect” were then brought before a student leadership conference filled with students from 16 different schools all ready and eager to activate a plan. From the wisdom of these youth, the “Million Deeds Challenge” was born.

“Small acts add up to big changes and everyone can make a difference. That’s what the Million Deeds Challenge is about.”

Today 47,659 deeds have been submitted to the official Million Deeds Challenge website. The deeds span the continents as young people  post their deeds under one of the Olympic Values categories. The deeds can be as small as helping their mother wash dishes, yet the challenge speaks the truth that “no deed is too small to make a difference today”.

The homepage of the site displays a virtual globe. Red markers indicate the location where deeds have been posted. This truly is a brilliant way to help make a brighter tomorrow one deed at a time.

Help spread the word about this project so the challenge can meet and exceed one million deeds. This is a project that should never end and be the beginning of true unity and change for us all.

Just a little reminder: you help out the world more by doing as many good deeds a day as possible. You are never limited to just one. This is also for people of all ages, even if you are 100. I’m personally inspired by this activation of positive selflessness in a world that needs to be re-ignited by the powers of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. To put others before yourself and to give is an expression of love, kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.

I am going to do (and submit) as many good deeds as I possibly can and I challenge you all to do the same! Let’s all do our part to help create a brighter tomorrow.

Tristan Written by Tristan Luciotti

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