Another blow for the 2024 race comes with withdrawal of #Budapest2024 after opposition movement breaks bid’s “unity” http://ow.ly/iQG6309gF3y

#Budapest became the third city to leave the 2024 Olympic race after government partners ended the bid: http://ow.ly/3oeC309gEQV #IOC

The #IFSC will host its 12th annual Plenary Assembly in Quebec, Canada on Mar. 11. http://ow.ly/FADp309geli

Yohei Koyama takes gold at the first #AlpineSkiing event for the 2017 Sapporo #AsianWinterGames ! http://ow.ly/8kYN309g4fC

Check out photos of the #AlpineSkiing events during the 2017 Sapporo #AsianWinterGames ! http://ow.ly/AOae309g46u

Nearly $3.5 million in prize money will be available to athletes participating in ITU competitions this year! http://ow.ly/9as2309ge3j

Now there are only two contenders for the 2024 #Olympics: Los Angeles and Paris after #Budapest withdraws: http://ow.ly/xSuR309gELQ

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