#Video: The Olympic Channel … Because 17 Days is not Enough. http://ow.ly/65sY302JJSt

What next for #Rio ahead of #Olympic Games? How about a subway workers #strike? http://ow.ly/5BM7302KHhm

#Security check sees #IOC member playing nice with man’s best friend http://ow.ly/nvZD302KIGz

All clear after #IOC hotel in #Rio given the once over for security http://ow.ly/Spd8302KIEp

A subway workers strike looms for city of Rio ahead of Rio 2016 start http://ow.ly/iXQS302KHbL

A metro strike threatens #Rio2016 travel plans. City says it has contingencies, but tourists must plan own routes: http://ow.ly/Sccp302Ktx5

.World Rugby offering 20% off World Rugby ConfEx tickets now + applications still open for #ISC Awards #Conferences http://ow.ly/EMaB302K8pJ


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