#Video: http://ow.ly/Y4OMT #Video: Barra Olympic Park, Olympic Village, golf course and Deodoro. Six months away from the Games, construction at Barra Olympic Park has reached 97% of completion. Construction of eight venues overall have been concluded: Carioca 1 Arena, Future Arena, International Broadcasting Center, Golf course (Barra); Mountain bike, BMX, Canoe slalom, hockey venues (Deodoro).

One of eight new events for the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer has spectators hungry for more. #iLoveYOG #youtholympicgames http://ow.ly/Yi3Nt

The first gold medal of the Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games goes to… #iLoveYOG #youtholympicgames http://ow.ly/YhZjv

IAAF chief Seb Coe is not ready to lose key sponsorship. #IAAF #Nestle http://ow.ly/YgIKa

Lillehammer is putting “Youth” at the forefront of the YOG both on and off the sporting venues. #iLoveYOG #youtholympicgames http://ow.ly/YhJ4j

@CONCACAF says no #FIFA candidate will have full support from confederation + unanimously backs #FIFA #reforms http://ow.ly/Yh4f0

IOC President fields questions on everything from Zika to the migrant crisis in Europe during press conference in Lillehammer. #IOC #iLoveYOG #Zika http://ow.ly/YgESC


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