This week’s Top Story is the continuing influence of Sheikh Ahmad at #ANOC. His reelection looks set: http://ow.ly/O51x50gY3v0 #Olympics


This week’s #TopStoryReplay is Sheikh Ahmad looking like he will stay as president of #ANOC for four more years: http://ow.ly/cUF050gY3jO

Sepp Blatter is banned but that isn’t stopping him from making his opinions known. http://ow.ly/6BYh50gY2O0

The #WBSC tries something new with its executive committee: streaming it online for all to watch: http://ow.ly/a5EF50gY2SW #baseball #transparency

OpEd: The new norm of 21st century sport is spies, missiles, conspiracies, whistle blowers and banned substances http://ow.ly/jKqe50gY3HY

#Video: Two Minutes with Around the Rings – catch up with this weeks news in the Olympic movement.


Sepp Blatter says a boycott of Russia World Cup would be a mistake http://ow.ly/CZSh50gY00Y

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